Department of Social Services

Department of Social Service

New student registration is not accepted to our program.

Aims of Program

  • It is aimed that students have knowledge about the scientific and professional background, ethics and values of social work.
  • students to acquire basic skills (sincerity, empathy, effective communication, leadership, confrontation, modeling, guidance, etc.) required for social work practice. and so on
  • Students are aimed to be planners, organizers, administrators, researchers and implementors social workers in various social work areas (family, children, youth, old age, disability, health, social assistance etc.).


Objectives of Program


  • Students enrolled in the social service program should have social work ethics and values in all social work practices,
  • should have been the protector and defender of population groups that have been subjected to oppression and exploitation, excluded from social life for various reasons, or unable to survive on their own,
  • It is aimed for them to show a flexible approach to the problems they encounter and to produce creative solutions,
  • Aware that they have a great responsibility in ensuring, protecting and improving social justice, be able to look critically at the events and facts dealt with,
  • To make students aware of the inevitability of using reason and relying on evidence in social work practices and the human dimension of social work practices
  • Respecting the cultural life and world of meaning of requirer,
  • Graduating social workers free from prejudices and ideological obsessions.


Our Mission

The main mission of this program is to lead the implementation of a social work education undergraduate program that never leaves a critical approach, incorporating diversity and differences, supporting the development of intercultural understanding and harmony and social inclusion, guiding policy-making processes to minimize social injustices and eliminate poverty in solidarity with disadvantaged groups, promoting social change, focusing on "understanding" human and social action.




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